Advantages of BlockEstate's Tokenized Real Estate Fund

BlockEstate is a US based private real estate fund issuing private equity in the form of security tokens through our partner Polymath Network based in Toronto Canada. $50 million is being raised on CoinList’s TSM platform for BlockEstate’s Alpha fund to acquire real estate assets with the goal of achieving a net IRR of 12-20%. BlockEstate’s first Alpha fund is designed for international investors (Non-US persons under Reg S) looking to penetrate the US real estate market while mitigating traditional tax burdens. BlockEstate is currently planning a second fund designed and for the benefit of US accredited investors.

Open Finance Partnership

BlockEstate, a private tokenized real estate fund, has executed a Listing Agreement with OpenFinance Network, the trading platform for tokenized securities.

Issuance to Serve as a Strategic Marketing Advisor for BlockEstate

Issuance, Inc., a marketing platform for digital securities, announced recently that it has signed a marketing agreement with BlockEstate, a tokenized real estate fund.